Image repairs

If you dig deep into your photo album you will probably find that some of your treasured family pictures are damaged to some degree, Scratches, rips, spillage damage or just faded with age, ZenteK can in most cases restore your photographs to better than original condition, pictures can be of photographic print  quality to to get perfect reproductions onto paper ,as this section develops we will have examples on display

WW1 Soldier arrived in 2 pieces and in poor condition

Old and faded pictures will always look old, but the damage that  they seem to acquire over the years in most cases can be repaired

More Images that have been restored can be seen here east Durham

Colourising Technique
Making a colour picture from a Black and white, and some interesting techniques to transform the skin
A full colour print will be provided and also a copy to view on the Computer, A framing service is also available on request.
End result quality will depend on the quality of the source photograph, the old saying is “you can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear“.

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Photographs from old Weardale
Converting Black and white photographs can be very rewarding
There is a charge for this service as its very time consuming, if interesed in any service please contact ZenteK below

ZenteK Image repair

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