Nordic hamstring

Some regressions for the Nordic hamstring eccentric exercise. You can use resistance bands to reduce the break point angle of the lowering phase – that is, when your hamstring essentially fails as your body weight over comes the ability to control the descent. Nordics have been used in football and rugby to reduce hamstring injury incidence with great success. The hamstrings are typically injured in explosive movements or in a muscle which is inadequately warmed up. Because the hamstrings cross the hip and knee joint they have more demand placed on them. i.e. In a sprint the leg needs to rapidly flex at the hip (lengthening the hamstring). The knee also needs to extend to stride forwards (lengthening the hamstring from the distal attachment). Rapid and repetitive acceleration using this movement pattern can strain the hamstring. There is also research behind using Nordics in the rehabilitation of ACL injury as the hamstrings prevent anterior translation of tibia on the femur.

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